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All specimens to be processed at LRC Hamilton are to be delivered to the following address:

Laboratory Reference Centre
Hamilton General Hospital
Core Lab, Level 1
237 Barton St. E.
Hamilton, ON L8L 2X2

In order for specimens to be received into the LRC Hamilton system and processed efficiently, please follow the instructions outlined below:

1)  For test specific instructions, please refer to the "Specimen Handling" instructions found in the Lab Test Information Guide

2)  General details pertaining to labelling and packaging can be found below:

Minimum Shipping Document Requirements

Completed Requisitions



Patient name, test name, specimen number  / unique identifier



Specimen type, patient name, test name, date of birth, gender, collection date and time, specimen number



Package in shipping containers according to TDG regulations and Specimen Handling instructions


Times and Locations of Receiving

08:00 - 16:00 , Monday - Friday, at the Hamilton General Hospital



Ambient - Container temperature between 18C and 24C

Refrigerated - Container temperature between 2C and 8C

Frozen - Container temperature 0C and below


 LRC Hamilton is compliant with all Air, Road, Rail & Marine transport requirements in accordance with Transport Canada (TC), the TDG Act & Regulations and the International Air Transport Associations (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations. Our staff are trained and certified bi-yearly in Transportation of Infectious Substances and Dry Ice. We also adhere to the Canadian General Standards Boards "Packaging of Infectious Substances, Diagnostic Specimens, Biological Products and Biomedical Waste for Transport" standard CAN/CGSB-43.125-03 relating to the transport of specimens.

Infectious Shipments

Transport Canada certified for shipping Category A (TC-125-1A) and Category B (TC-125-1B) infectious substances.  The shippers must be correctly marked and labelled as per the TDG Act and Regulations.

Exempt Human Specimen Shipments

Packaging is to include the following: leak-proof primary receptacle(s), leak-proof secondary packaging (leak-proof biohazard bag), absorbent material between the receptacle(s) and the secondary packaging, cushioning between multiple fragile receptacles and secondary packaging and a strong outer packaging sufficient to contain the inner packaging components. The outer package is to be labeled as containing "Exempt Human Specimens" and clearly marked with the shipper and receiver information.

If you have questions, please contact Andrea Tjahja, Transport & Safety Manager 905 522-1155 x33756 with any TDG or Transport concerns. 


LRC Hamilton • Hamilton, Ontario