LRC Hamilton
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LRC Hamilton values your business and would like to provide assurance that you receive quality test results from our laboratories.  The Quality Management System (QMS) of HRLMP and LRC Hamilton is well designed and comprehensive in order to deliver excellence in testing services to ensure the highest quality patient care. A description of the QMS is outlined below:

 The HRLMP Quality Management System is designed to:

  • Support the HRLMP Mission, Vision and Values;
  • Ensure that medical laboratory services meet regulatory and accreditation requirements;
  • Meet the needs of patients and all personnel responsible for patient care;
  • Support continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;
  • Promote error free work;
  • Support high quality and appropriate laboratory services (e.g. accurate and precise results, appropriate test selection, timely reporting, correct interpretation of results, clinical usefulness, appropriate recommendations for further tests).
LRC Hamilton • Hamilton, Ontario